Google Chrome with ad blocking will be expanded worldwide on July 9th

Google Chrome 71

Previously, Google Chrome added a built-in blocking feature to help users block disruptive ads. The project was run by an advertising alliance initiated by Google.

The purpose of the advertising alliance is to improve the user’s actual browsing experience. In fact, the ultimate goal is to improve the advertising to avoid being actively intercepted by users. At present, many users use ad blocking tools such as the AdBlock. The reason is that too many websites have spam ads that users have to block.

Google Chrome 71

This has caused a lot of losses for Google’s large-scale advertising companies, and it’s just that Google wants to improve the advertising experience and present better content to users. At the end of last year, Google Chrome has blocked disruptive ads, but last year Google also tested only in North America and Europe.

According to the Better Ads Standards, the alliance will promote advertising standards and block ads that do not meet the requirements in all regions of the world starting July 9.

Google Chrome will also synchronize the Better Ads Standards network’s plan on July 9. Users don’t need to do anything. Google Chrome will automatically block inferior ads. The disruptive ads include pop-up ads, auto-playing sound ads (such as a game ad with a sound ), and ads that are oversized to cover the screen.