Google Chrome will enable desktop mode by default on Android tablets

Apple started to set the Safari browser to the desktop mode by default in the iPadOS 14 version, that is, when visiting a website, it requests a desktop website instead of a mobile website by default.

The reason for this improvement is that most mobile websites are mainly adapted to smartphone screens rather than tablets, which leads to some bad browsing styles on tablets.

And the tablet size itself is large and it’s okay to directly browse the desktop mode, so by default, Apple directly requests the desktop mode to make it easier for users to use.

Now Google Chrome is also preparing to learn from Apple’s approach, allowing users to request desktop mode by default on Android tablets without the user having to manually switch each time.

Hidden Chrome Features

Google Chrome is currently testing this feature in the beta version, and the advantage of this feature for users is that it can significantly improve the browsing experience of web content.

Interestingly, Google emphasizes that this feature is only enabled on Android tablets with larger screens by default, but Google did not specify how many inches the larger screen refers to.

Apple iPad Mini 5 has a screen size of 7.9 inches with a resolution of 2048 x 1536. From the actual experience, there is no problem with the desktop mode in browsing websites.

It is estimated that Google Chrome will also choose a similar size. After all, most tablet computers are currently 7.9 inches or more in size, and smartphone screens are getting bigger and bigger.

After enabling this feature, the desktop mode will be automatically requested when the user browses the website, and the user does not need to click to switch manually every time the mobile version page is loaded.

It is not clear when Google Chrome will push this feature to the official version, but if you are using an Android tablet, you may wish to look forward to the follow-up.

Via: XDA