Google Chrome to launch side search function

Microsoft has long supported the side search function in the Edge browser. When users use side search, they can stay on the current page and then display the search in the sidebar. Google seems to think this feature is also good, so Google also added an experimental option to enable side search in the Google Chrome Canary version.

Microsoft Edge puts the search sidebar on the right side of the page, and Google puts the search sidebar on the left. Microsoft Edge uses a right-click menu, while Google Chrome uses a dedicated search button.

For users who often use search engines, side search is still useful, especially when viewing information, and also needs to query other keyword results. When users use the side search, they do not need to switch to a new tab or close the current page, and they can be closed directly after the side search is finished.

Google’s sidebar search is to add a Google search button next to the home button. After the experimental feature is enabled, this button cannot be turned off directly in the settings. In the future, after Google officially launches this feature and cannot be disabled through experimental settings, the side search button is likely to be retained forever.
You need to upgrade to Google Chrome Canary version 101.0.4942.0. After the upgrade is complete, enter chrome://flags/#side-search in the address bar. After enabling this experimental option, follow the prompts to restart the browser. After restarting, a side search button will appear next to the home button in the upper left corner of Google Chrome.

Via: techdows