Google Chrome released an emergency update to fix the vulnerability

According to the official blog of Google Chrome, the stable version of Google Chrome that is currently applicable to the desktop version has been updated to version 94.0.4606.71 to fix vulnerabilities.

Chrome 94.0.4606.71 repaired a total of 3 security vulnerabilities, of which 2 were high-risk security vulnerabilities, and 1 was a medium-risk security vulnerability.


Google has been aware of vulnerabilities being exploited in the wild, which is why Google fixes them as quickly as possible. It is also recommended that all users immediately upgrade to the new version.

In terms of vulnerabilities, CVE-2021-37974 belongs to the UaF vulnerability with a bonus of $20,000. The discoverer of the vulnerability is Weipeng Jiang from the Codesafe Team of Legendsec at Qi’anxin Group.

CVE-2021-37975 is also a high-risk vulnerability. The same UaF vulnerability was submitted by an anonymous researcher, and CVE-2021-37976 was discovered by the Google TAG team.

If the Google Chrome you are using is deployed through an online installation package, please go directly to the About page to automatically upgrade version 94.0.4606.71.