Sun. Feb 23rd, 2020

Google Chrome proposes a technology called Privacy Sandbox to improve the balance between user privacy and advertising

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The latest proposed technical solution is an open network technology called “Privacy Sandbox”, which is expected to be integrated into Google Chrome. However, Google engineers hope that other browser developers can actively use this technology to improve the balance between advertising and privacy across the Internet. In short, Google hopes to continue to provide advertisers with personalized data for users, but not to provide too much data to prevent users’ privacy from being compromised.


Normally, when the website accessed by the user has the advertisement content, the browser will connect to the advertisement network server and provide part of the information of the user when loading. The ad network uses this information to determine the potential interests of users and push targeted ads, which of course may have been collected in advance. But in the end, the browser also provides the user’s information to the ad network for identification. If the ad network cannot identify the user, it cannot provide personalized advertisement. Therefore, the role that the browser plays in this process is still very important, and browser developers can naturally impose restrictions to prevent user information from leaking.

The new privacy sandbox technology proposed by Google engineers is designed to classify user information and then only provide the classified categories to advertisers rather than user accurate information.