September 20, 2020

Google Chrome launches guest mode to strengthen privacy protection

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Google Chrome’s built-in guest mode is designed to restrict users to access other people’s browsing traces and materials. This is a security policy provided by Google for users to protect privacy.

You can usually set your access mode when you lend your computer to others for temporary use so that others cannot access your personal information when they use your browser.

After exiting the guest mode, other people ’s browsing history and cache information will be automatically cleared. Note that the guest mode is different from the incognito mode in different functions.

In order to meet the needs of some enterprises and experienced users, Google Chrome has recently pushed new features to users, which can enable guest mode by default.

Chrome guest mode

That is, the user enters the guest mode by default when opening the browser, and the user cannot view the personal information and related access data of other users of Google Chrome.

In a corporate environment, if some computers are for public use, turning on the default guest mode is very useful, and all users can guarantee that their data is not leaked. Because after closing the browser, all data will be automatically cleaned without leaving any traces.