Google Chrome for Desktop supports Live Caption feature

Live Caption feature was originally a new feature brought by Google for Pixel series devices. It was designed to call system functions to generate additional subtitles for any video content that is played.

For video content without subtitles, generating a subtitle is helpful for users to watch. Currently, Google is bringing Live Caption feature to Google Chrome on the desktop.

The option of the Live Caption feature has appeared in the Google Chrome Canary version, and it is still under development at this stage. It is a pity that this feature only supports English and Google does not seem to expand support.

If you have installed and used the Google Chrome Canary version, you can go to the experimental project and set the Live Caption option to on.

After the setting is complete, go to the advanced settings of Google Chrome to enable real-time subtitles in the accessibility (Click on menu > Settings > Advanced, Select Accessibility or visit chrome://settings/Accessibility page, and enable Live caption.). After opening, a black subtitle frame will be displayed at the bottom of the browser.

Via: techdows