Google Chrome continues to support FTP

The FTP protocol that lacks the necessary encryption measures has been abandoned by major browsers. For example, Google and Firefox browsers no longer support access to FTP protocol sites.

However, the sudden outbreak of a new coronavirus epidemic has disrupted many major software development plans, and the Google Chrome development roadmap has also been affected by the epidemic.

Google’s main concern is that developers working at home during the epidemic may affect efficiency. Adding new or deprecated features may cause some compatibility issues.

What makes Google more headache is that there are still many government websites that still use the FTP protocol to provide file downloads, and people need to download materials through these websites during the epidemic.

According to official information from Google Chrome, the browser has now pushed hot updates to restore the FTP protocol that has been discontinued. This recovery is also temporary.

Google said that during the outbreak, everyone must be able to download data and files normally.

After the epidemic, Google Chrome will still completely stop supporting the protocol, because there is a higher security risk in using the protocol because it does not support encryption.