September 22, 2020

Google Chrome 60 stable release

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On Tuesday, the stable version of Chrome 60 for Windows, macOS and GNU / Linux platform officially released, adding a number of security fixes and functional improvements. It is recommended to read the user of this article as soon as possible to visit the link below this article or go to the official website of Chrome to download. Chrome 60 stable version of the most noteworthy change is to support Payment Request API, in the Android platform to support the use of MP4 (ISOBMFF) container VP9 open source tax-free video encoding format, in addition, to support the new VP9string format.


Beginning with Chrome 60, Google no longer customizes the fetch() function to access the stored passwords but allows developers to use the Credential Management API for easier management. In addition, Chrome’s new version supports CSS @ font-face descriptors, unified CSS font-display properties, and the new Paint Timing API.


Chrome 60 Stable has fixed 40 security vulnerabilities, including bugs for IndexedDB, V8, and PPAPI, UIspoofing in Blink engine, confusion of extension programs, out-of-bounds write issues for PDF and PPAPI, and more.