Google begins testing Nearby Share for Windows PCs

Google recently announced the initiation of a trial for the Windows PC version of Nearby Share in specific regions across the United States and Europe. In due course, this service will extend to a broader range of Google ecosystem products, facilitating seamless file sharing across diverse devices.

This announcement signals Google’s intent to expand the availability of Nearby Share, simplifying file transfers between devices while reducing barriers to cross-device interactions. Currently, users may download the application from the Android website, which is compatible with 64-bit Windows 10 or later operating systems and devices equipped with non-ARM architecture processors. Bluetooth and Wi-Fi functionalities must be enabled during use.

Upon successful installation, users may customize device visibility and either drag files directly into the sharing window or select files for transfer via the Nearby Share feature. Files can then be transmitted to devices within a 5-meter radius. Additionally, users logged into the same Google account may automatically accept and store shared files.

Google anticipates further testing in additional regions, with the expectation of simplifying file transfers for Android and Windows device users. Moreover, Google plans to incorporate the Nearby Share feature in an even more extensive range of devices in the future.