September 23, 2020

Google announces that Material Theme Editor will be deprecated on March 19, 2020

1 min read

Google launched Material Theming in 2018 to help developers better customize Material Design for their applications. Recently, Google announced that one of its design tools, the Material Theme Editor, will be retired next month and may be replaced with a new product.

With Material Theme Editor, developers can create and customize Material themes, including colors, shapes, layouts, and more. In the Material Theme Editor, you can select colors in turn according to different parts and apply them to all components. You can also adjust the contrast and automatically generate different color palettes based on a single color. Component shapes and corner styles are highly customizable. You can also adjust the font size and optimize readability. The tool also provides several different sets of stylized system icons to choose from.

Due to the limitations of the operating system and available tools, Google finally decided to abandon the Material Theme Editor on March 19. Google says that after disabling the Material Theme Editor,

On March 19th, we’ll be sunsetting the Material Theme Editor in order to focus on building even better theming tools and resources. The Material Plugin will continue to serve as a way to upload and sync Sketch files with Gallery — our collaborative tool for uploading design work, getting feedback, and tracking revisions. We’ve got some exciting updates planned for this plugin, so stay tuned.