Wed. Feb 26th, 2020

GNU Linux-Libre 5.1 kernel releases: Free version of the kernel Linux

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If you are looking for a 100% free kernel for the GNU/Linux distribution, you can now try the latest release of Linux-Libre 5.0 without any copyright risk. GNU Linux-Libre 5.0 is based on the just-released Linux kernel 5.0 and can be designed for users who are looking for 100% free and do not want to use any copyrighted drivers.

GNU Linux-libre is a Free version of the kernel Linux, suitable for use with the GNU Operating System in 100% Free GNU/Linux-libre System Distributions.
It removes non-Free components from Linux, that are disguised as source code or distributed in separate files. It also disables run-time requests for non-Free components, shipped separately or as part of Linux, and documentation pointing to them, so as to avoid (Free-)baiting users into the trap of non-Free Software.
Linux-libre started within the gNewSense GNU/Linux distribution. It was later adopted by Jeff Moe, who coined its name, and in 2008 it became a project maintained by FSF Latin America. In 2012, it became part of the GNU Project.
The GNU Linux-libre project takes a minimal-changes approach to cleaning up Linux, making no effort to substitute components that need to be removed with functionally equivalent Free ones. Nevertheless, we encourage and support efforts towards doing so.

Linux-libre 5.1 includes almost the same new features and enhancements as Linux Kernel 5.1.

“Besides the usual assortment of firmware name updates, new drivers for mt7603 and goya required disabling of blob requests, wilc1000 had some files renamed which required adjusting the deblobbing logic, and a driver that we used to deblob (lantiq xrx200 firmware loader) was removed, so its cleaning up code is now gone.