Sun. Jun 7th, 2020

GNOME Shell will run faster on Ubuntu 19.04

1 min read

After more than a month of Ubuntu 18.10 release, the development of Ubuntu 19.04 “Disco Dingo” is progressing at full speed. The development of Ubuntu 19.04 has begun to become organized and is bringing new changes to the Ubuntu installation process after half a year. In addition, in the past week, several development changes/supplements have been worth pointing out from their weekly development summary.

Bellows are the changing Ubuntu 19.04

  • Displaying suspended kernel real-time patches through the Update Manager user interface
  • Various GNOME package updates are now available in the Disco archive
  • continues to provide better performance for the GNOME Shell, including upstream-oriented work. Recent work on performance includes icon grid optimization that has been adopted upstream, and a regression error from Ubuntu 18.04, which has been fixed in Ubuntu 19.04 and backported to Ubuntu 18.10. In addition, there is a delayed fix for X.Org, which is nearing completion and will improve GNOME Shell’s multi-monitor performance and demo timing work.
  • After releasing Ubuntu 18.04 earlier this year, Mark Shuttleworth talked about the possibility of making a new Ubuntu desktop installer and using HTML5 and Electron, as well as using Snaps and their installer using Curtin on the server side. We didn’t see the content during the 18.10 cycle, but it seems that these work is still going on, maybe we will see that these features will be the first to appear on Ubuntu 19.04. Ubuntu developers have been working on some changes to Curtin to accommodate this new use case