GNOME 44 codenamed Kuala Lumpur released

Recently, the GNOME project team released version 44 of GNOME, codenamed Kuala Lumpur. This new version is dedicated to the organizers of the GNOME.Asia.2022 event, as a token of gratitude, with the capital city of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, serving as the version codename.

GNOME 44 has made improvements to the Settings application, quick settings menu, and simplified software store. The Settings program has been updated with device security, accessibility, sound, mouse, and touchpad features. The new mouse and touchpad settings page also includes demonstration videos to guide users on how to configure options.

In the sound settings, the volume control has been turned into a separate window, making it easier for users to configure their audio input and output hardware.

With the release of GNOME 44, codenamed Kuala Lumpur, there are better settings programs and improved quick settings menus.

Fedora 37 comes with GNOME 43, and when the mouse clicks the button in the lower right corner of the screen, a new quick settings menu is displayed. In GNOME 44, the development team has made improvements to the quick settings menu, adding a Bluetooth button that displays connected Bluetooth devices and allows for quick connection and disconnection.

The key improvement in GNOME 44 is the software application, which is essentially a software store that can also control system updates. In the new version, the page switching of the software store will be smoother, and Flatpak support has also been improved, including reduced disk space usage.

GNOME 44 has not yet arrived in Linux distributions. In the coming period, when various Linux distributions release new versions, some will default to including GNOME 44.