Gigabyte Gears Up for 64GB DDR5 Rollout

This year, consumer motherboards have made a notably significant advancement in memory support. Beyond enhanced compatibility with high-frequency DDR5 memory, there has been a continual increase in single-stick capacity, leading to greater diversification. Various manufacturers, including those producing Intel 600/700 series motherboards and AMD 600 series motherboards, are gradually supporting single 24/48GB memory modules. This development marks a departure from the traditional doubling increments of the past. Consequently, motherboards with four DIMM slots can now increase their maximum memory capacity from 128GB to 192GB, while those with two DIMM slots can elevate their capacity from 64GB to 96GB.

Recently, MSI and ASRock announced that their motherboards now support single 64GB memory sticks, further boosting the maximum memory capacity of their motherboards to 128/256GB for configurations with 2/4 DIMM slots. Gigabyte has also joined this trend, declaring support for Kingston’s latest FURY Renegade DDR5 memory, enabling single-stick capacities of 64GB.

Gigabyte motherboards capable of supporting single 64GB DDR5 memory sticks include both the Intel 600/700 series and AMD 600 series. However, Gigabyte has not confirmed which motherboards will receive the new BIOS first. The rollout might be in phases, considering the extensive range of models involved. Gigabyte has stated that updates and memory support lists will be available on its official website for users to monitor.

Gigabyte showcased two platforms for demonstration: the Core i9-14900K paired with the Z790 AORUS Master X and the Ryzen 9 7900X3D with the B650 AORUS Elite AX ICE. In both setups, the memory frequency was maintained at 6000MHz.

Kingston’s single 64GB memory products are expected to hit the market on a large scale in early 2024, by which time more memory manufacturers are anticipated to follow suit.