Sat. Jun 6th, 2020

Germany will allow Huawei-made network equipment to participate in the construction of 5G networks of German operators

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Although there are backdoor procedures affecting security in the network equipment provided by Huawei in the United States, the United States has not produced any substantial evidence until now. Nowadays, the United States still suggests denying Huawei from participating in the local 5G network construction by some of its allies in Europe. Of course, not all EU countries are willing to follow the US command. For example, the UK has previously disclosed that it is evaluating various network devices provided by Huawei. After the evaluation, it will decide whether to allow Huawei to participate in its network construction. Compared with the slower movement in the UK, the German government is currently the first to make a decision not to recognize the cybersecurity risks of the so-called Huawei network equipment in the United States.

Huawei 5G base

“Huawei Office Building”by Open Grid Scheduler / Grid Engine is licensed under CC0 1.0

The German official is currently issuing a brief statement that the government has completed the assessment and decided to allow Huawei and its affiliates to participate in the construction of local operators’ 5G networks. German network operators said that if they use the network equipment provided by Huawei, the Germans can build 5G networks faster and better and save a lot of money. These operators said that if Germany does not use the network equipment provided by Huawei, then building a 5G network will cost billions of dollars. Obviously, it is good news for German operators and end-users to use Huawei’s network equipment. Operators are also confident in building a 5G network quickly.