Genshin Impact on Galaxy S24+: Exynos 2400’s Performance Limits Unveiled

In October of last year, Samsung announced the launch of its new generation mobile processor, the Exynos 2400. Building on the foundation of the Exynos 2200, Samsung has implemented numerous enhancements, including a 70% improvement in CPU performance and a staggering 14.7-fold acceleration in artificial intelligence (AI) workloads. Moreover, the GPU has embraced the RDNA 3 architecture, offering refined gaming and ray-tracing capabilities. The recently unveiled Galaxy S24 series, including the Galaxy S24 and Galaxy S24+, features versions powered by the Exynos 2400, though they are not available for sale in the domestic market.

Recently, a user shared a video showcasing the performance of Genshin Impact on the Exynos 2400-powered Galaxy S24+, noting that the Exynos 2400 could only sustain a stable 60 frames per second at low graphic settings. Similar tests on the Galaxy S24, which houses the same chipset but has only 8GB of RAM, resulted in game crashes, likely due to the limited memory. This suggests that despite the Exynos 2400’s performance closely rivaling that of the third-generation Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 series chip and its advanced GPU specifications, there remains substantial room for optimization, especially considering the Xclipse 940 GPU’s significant reliance on the Vulkan API.

In terms of specifications, the Samsung Exynos 2400 is fabricated using the latest 4LPP+ process and features a quad-cluster architecture comprising 1 super core (Cortex-X4@3.20GHz), 2 high-performance cores (Cortex-A720@2.90GHz), 3 efficiency cores (Cortex-A720@2.60GHz), and 4 smaller cores (Cortex-A520@2.00GHz), totaling 10 cores. The GPU, constructed on the AMD RDNA 3 architecture, is the Xclipse 940, which, like its predecessor the Xclipse 920, includes 6 WGP, and 12 CU, with the frequency increased from 555 MHz to 1095 MHz.