Gemini Ultra: Google’s Exclusive, AI-Powered Premium Service for Google One Members

When Google initially launched Gemini, considerable effort was invested in its promotion, including the production of polished promotional videos featuring seamlessly edited conversations. However, many users later discovered that Gemini did not live up to Google’s lofty advertising claims.

Recent discoveries by users suggest that Google may be preparing to launch a premium version of Gemini — powered by the Bard AI driven by Gemini Ultra. Access to this version would require a paid subscription to Google One.

Bard AI, in some regions, has already transitioned to being powered by Gemini Pro. The moderate performance mentioned by users refers to this Gemini Pro version. However, the Gemini Ultra edition has not yet been released, and its exact performance remains unclear.

A user named Roussel on platform X stumbled upon a prompt for an advanced version, Bard Advanced. This version offers a three-month free trial, after which a fee is required. It is currently uncertain whether the free trial is exclusively for Google One subscribers or available to all users, with a subsequent need to subscribe to Google One. If it’s the former, then Google might also introduce a paid version of Bard AI, similar to the ChatGPT Plus version.

Furthermore, Google plans to emulate ChatGPT‘s offering of GPTs, allowing users to create their robots. This project, code-named Motoko, has yet to have a confirmed name or release date.