GeIL launches Pristine R5 and Spear R5 series server memory products

GeIL introduced the Pristine R5 series and Spear R5 series of server memory modules. These offer not only fully JEDEC-compliant solutions for standard R-DIMMs but also cater to the high-end application market seeking high-performance server memory.

Through the incorporation of memory overclocking technology, the Spear R5 series can elevate its speed up to 6800MT/s. This advancement provides superior performance, satiating the diverse demands of cloud computing and high-end HEDT applications. As overclockable R-DIMM memory modules, their adherence to the Intel XMP 3.0 specifications remarkably simplifies the configuration process, reducing the efforts expended in managing server systems. Additionally, the Spear R5 series includes aluminum heat sinks to ensure proficient heat dissipation, thereby promoting exceptional stability and reliability.

For conventional server memory modules, GeIL presents the Pristine R5 series to accommodate market requirements. Their speed ranges from 4800MT/s to 6000MT/s, with the maximum capacity of a single module standing at 32GB. The rapid and capacious server memory modules accelerate data processing speeds, thereby enhancing server performance. This series incorporates a 30µ gold plating on the PCB, an ultra-low operating voltage of 1.1V, and an ECC error correction mechanism. These attributes contribute to the modules’ commendable stability and reliability while mitigating the risk of system failures and downtime during long-term operation.

GeIL asserts that the Pristine R5 series and Spear R5 series memory modules flawlessly support Intel’s latest Xeon W-3400 series and Xeon W-2400 series processors and W790 motherboards. They are also committed to fostering strong ties with motherboard manufacturers to ensure optimal compatibility and reliability moving forward.