Gaudi 3 Tailored for China: AI Powerhouse Emerges

Several days ago, at the Vision 2024 event, Intel introduced the Gaudi 3 accelerator, which builds on the performance and scalability of its predecessor, Gaudi 2, offering global enterprises enhanced generative AI options. Intel claims that compared to NVIDIA’s H100, the Gaudi 3 boasts a 70% improvement in training performance, a 50% enhancement in inference capabilities, and a 40% increase in efficiency, all while consuming less power.

According to Wccftech, Intel plans to introduce Gaudi 3 to the Chinese market with two custom models. Intel aims to provide more attractive and potentially dominant products, positioning itself at the forefront of this regional market.

Intel’s documentation reveals that these two custom models tailored for the Chinese market, designated HL-328 and HL-338, will feature a reduced TDP of 450W and use air-cooling systems. They are expected to launch in June and September, respectively. The other specifications remain largely the same, including 128GB of HBM2E memory, 3.7TB/s of bandwidth, and 96MB of cache.

Whether these custom Gaudi 3 models can enter the Chinese market depends on approval from the U.S. Department of Commerce. It is worth noting that AMD had also prepared a lower-performance Instinct MI300 series product, the “Instinct MI309,” which, due to its still considerable power, failed to secure an export license.

Since its launch, the Gaudi 3 accelerator has received positive market feedback, and Intel’s efforts to enhance both performance and efficiency within a single package appear to have been widely acknowledged.