Former executives of the Mozilla issued a document to protest Google due to sabotaging other browsers

There is no doubt that Google Chrome is currently the most popular browser in the world, and for most users, Google Chrome is mainly very good performance. However, some users think that Google relies on domination to crack down on competitors. For example, the former executives of Mozilla issued a document to protest Google.

Firefox Windows 10 ARM

Johnathan Nightingale, a former executive of Mozilla, published a series of tweets detailing the changes and problems between Google and the Mozilla over the years. Nightingale said that the company had a good relationship with Google before Google launched Google Chrome, and it changed until Google Chrome was released.

For example, Google’s online documentation and Google’s email service often have performance issues on Firefox, and the presentation incorrectly claims to be incompatible with Firefox. Every time Firefox finds a problem, it will contact Google, and Google will also apologize to acknowledge that there is a problem and that it will fix the problem immediately.

However, the same situation has appeared again and again, and Google still apologizes and fixes until many users can’t stand these problems and give up Firefox directly. On the contrary, if these users use Google Chrome, then these problems will not occur, which makes more and more users switch to Google Chrome.

Google is doing evil through such incompatibility or performance problems, and it is obviously not acceptable for Firefox. However, even if Mozilla issued a protest, it will not help. At present, Google Chrome has become the leader of the browser market and its status cannot be shaken.

Via: ZDNet