Foldable device for Windows 10X is still immature and Intel isn’t ready for it

Microsoft has previously announced that it will launch a customized version of Windows 10X, which mainly provides strong expansion support for dual-screen foldable devices. At the same time, Microsoft will launch the Microsoft Surface Neo equipped with the Windows 10X system next year, and other OEM manufacturers are also developing and manufacturing such devices. It is interesting that chipmaker Intel also designs a 17-inch dual-screen prototype device, but the time to market of this device may be delayed until the second half of next year.

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According to the latest report published by the Digitimes, Intel may not introduce this prototype device at the CES 2020 International Consumer Electronics Show early next year. As originally planned by Intel, this prototype device will run Windows 10X, but the report indicates that the current development of this version is slow and the supply of flexible panels is insufficient.

The report said that although Microsoft has announced a new customized version but did not disclose the specific launch date, Microsoft is currently working hard to develop this new operating system. However, despite the fact that the current version of Windows 10X is not ready for release, this has prevented Intel from exhibiting new prototype devices on a schedule. In addition, the panel supply of dual-screen / foldable devices is currently a problem. The Electronic Times cited supply chain sources as saying that the current supply of suitable PC panels is insufficient.