First month sales of the Galaxy S23 series reached 2.77 million units

This year, Samsung’s Galaxy S23 series has garnered favorable reviews, offering substantial upgrades despite bearing numerous design similarities to its predecessor, including the integration of Qualcomm’s custom second-generation Snapdragon 8 platform for efficient performance.

Recently, Twitter user @Tech_Reve disclosed that the Galaxy S23 series achieved first-month sales of 2.77 million units, far surpassing Samsung’s expectations. The Galaxy S23 Ultra contributed 1.65 million units, the Galaxy S23+ 430,000 units, and the Galaxy S23 690,000 units.

These figures eclipse the 1.37 million units sold during the same period last year by the Galaxy S22 series, boasting a 102% increase. It’s noteworthy that last year’s Galaxy S22 series fell short of its projected 32.9 million units, resulting in a 4% year-on-year decline in Samsung’s profits and a 0.2 percentage point reduction in global smartphone market share.

The data underscores the success of the Galaxy S23 series’ incremental upgrades, particularly the impressive sales figures for the Galaxy S23 Ultra, which account for the majority of sales. However, the Galaxy S23+’s performance remains relatively modest, as apart from a larger battery and display, it offers little improvement over the Galaxy S23.

Recently, Samsung has been affected by factors such as slowing global economic growth, declining market demand, semiconductor overcapacity, and excessive inventory. Consequently, their Q1 2023 revenue fell short of expectations, with significant issues arising in the memory and foundry divisions. Samsung even issued a “profit guidance” as a result. In the face of a substantial decrease in smartphone market demand, the Galaxy S23 series’ accomplishments are commendable.