Firefox will soon enable support for AVIF image by default

During the summer, Google Chrome and Firefox jointly announced that they would support the AVIF image format, which is a free image format launched by the Alliance for Open Media.

The advantage of this image format is that it is completely open-source without payment, has excellent compression performance, and can effectively reduce the image volume without reducing the image quality.

The Alliance for Open Media was jointly initiated by many technology giants. At present, the main task of the Alliance for Open Media is to develop free image formats and video formats.

Mozilla Firefox 69

In terms of browser support, both Google and Firefox browsers have announced their support, and AVIF images can be displayed after enabling the experimental option in the previous version.

After a period of testing, Firefox believes that the current AVIF image support is complete. According to Mozilla, although some problems with compatibility had been encountered before, it has now been resolved. For now, the related format support has been stable and reliable.

Therefore, in subsequent versions, Firefox will remove related experimental options, and of course, it will directly support AVIF without the need for users to manually open the experimental options.

However, executives of Mozilla said that the holiday is approaching and will not be changed before the holiday, so the new version of support will be released after the Christmas holiday.

At that time, users can load AVIF images directly through the latest version of Firefox, and no need to use other tools to convert the new image format to a supported format.