October 24, 2020

Firefox launches experimental extensions based on user interest recommendation sites

1 min read

Firefox has now begun testing the latest experimental extensions, Firefox Test Pilot designed to recommend relevant web pages and websites based on user interest.

The new extension itself needs to read the website the user is currently visiting and the page access history to analyze and find out what the user might be interested in.

Firefox Test Pilot

Therefore, based on privacy considerations, users need to provide access record authorization before they can be used actively. The new extension program offers accurate recommendation content through machine learning.


Of course, Firefox has always paid attention to the privacy protection of users so that users can check the history and time of their authorized extensions at any time.

By setting the time, you can control when the extension reads the history and recommend the website, when it automatically closes, stops reading the access record, and so on.

The websites and content currently recommended during the testing phase are free and do not contain advertisements. In the future, Firefox will also add paid promotional material to the recommended content.

Interested users can try this new extension by clicking here.