Firefox is considering extending support for Windows 7/8.1

Windows 7 & 8.1 will end support on January 10, 2023. Microsoft has issued reminders many times, hoping that users can upgrade to the new version as soon as possible. Google Chrome, which has the most users, has decided to stop supporting them on February 7, 2023, mainly because these systems will no longer be secure in the future.

Firefox browser is still struggling with when to stop supporting these old systems, whether to provide extended support versions to continue to provide support or to stop support directly. However, in terms of volume, the gap between Firefox and Google Chrome is too large, so Mozilla may continue to provide support to attract users to migrate browsers.

Firefox supporting Windows 7

At present, Mozilla is discussing whether to stop supporting the old system at the beginning of next year or continue to update and then release the Extended Support Release (ESR). If it is decided to continue to provide support, then Firefox will continue to be updated until August 2023, after which users will be transferred to the ESR version.

But no matter which way the user must change the browser at that time, because the channels of the normal version and the extended support version are different, channel switching cannot be performed directly.

I think that the following circumstances should be taken into account,” commented one user on Bugzilla. “We are still in a chip shortage and economic crisis that will make upgrading to a new computer or new version of Windows difficult. Most Linux distros have also dropped 32-bit support which will affect many Windows 7 machines such as Intel atom netbooks so switching to Linux won’t be a viable option either.

Via: mspoweruser