Firefox, Edge browser market share decline, Chrome continues to grow

Statistics show that, so far, Chrome is still the most popular desktop browser in the world. In theory, the transition of the Microsoft Edge browser from EdgeHTML to Chromium makes this cross-platform browser a powerful competitor to Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. But in fact, so far, the dominance of the Chrome browser is still very stable, and more importantly, it is the only browser that successfully increased its market share last month.

According to the April 2021 market share data released by StatCounter, the Google Chrome browser occupies 67.55% of the desktop browser market, higher than the 67.14% data in March. Although the growth share is not high, on the other hand, Chrome is the only top browser that did not lose market share in April.
The Safari browser, which is only available on macOS, dropped from 10.11% in March to 9.85% in April, but it is still the second most popular desktop browser.
Edge dropped from 8.03% in March to 7.96% in April. The small decline made it secure third place in the desktop browser competition. The Firefox browser has dropped from 7.95% of the market share to 7.78%, and the market shares of Edge and Firefox are still quite close.