Firefox decided to disable the backspace function

In the past, most browsers supported using the backspace key to go back to the page, that is, when you press the backspace key, you can return to the previous page, but later this feature was gradually abandoned by the browser.

The reason is simple, sometimes misoperation may cause the page to return directly, and the unsaved content in the current page may be lost due to misoperation, etc.

At present, only Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer still support the backspace key to go back, and other browsers have abandoned this feature.

In 2014, Google Chrome announced the abandonment of this feature. At that time, some users suggested that Firefox should follow Google, but in the end, Firefox kept the status quo.

The Firefox browser has now reposted this discussion post, and after evaluation, Mozilla has decided to abandon the backspace key as a function to return to the previous page.

Mozilla stated that in order to prevent data loss when filling in form data, the backspace key has now disabled the function of returning to the previous page, but users can customize it.

If the user needs it, he can modify browser.backspace_action to 0 in the about:config option. Of course, other buttons can also be set.

It is recommended that users use Alt+Left Arrow as the back button. It can be set to Command+Left Arrow on Mac, or users can set it according to their needs.

At present, the above changes have been tested in the Firefox Nightly version. After the test is completed, Firefox will enable this feature by default on the stable version.