November 26, 2020

Firefox 85 will no longer support Flash Player

1 min read

At present, the main operating systems and browsers will end supporting Adobe Flash Player. According to Adobe’s plan, Adobe will completely stop supporting and no longer provide updates for Flash Player at the end of this year.


Microsoft has released an optional update to Windows 10 that can remove the Adobe Flash Player pre-installed on the system. The Google Chrome browser also has Adobe Flash Player pre-installed, but it is also ready to be deprecated. Google has already blocked it by default.

Now Mozilla Firefox has also announced the latest roadmap. According to the plan, Mozilla will remove support for Adobe Flash Player in the official version of Mozilla Firefox 85, which will be released in January next year. In other words, the official version of Mozilla Firefox 84 is the last Firefox browser that supports Adobe Flash Player. Since then, all new versions will no longer support this player.

Of course, for the operating system and browser developers, deleting Adobe Flash Player is definitely a big thing. After all, Flash Player has been criticized for performance and security issues.