Fri. Aug 14th, 2020

Fedora 33 makes nano as the default editor

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Compared with the current default editor Vi, the text editing graphical interface provided by Nano is more friendly to novices. Of course, Vi will remain in Fedora 33, but it is no longer the default editor. In addition to the above proposal, FESCo approved some other proposals worth noting last week:

fedora 29

  • Fedora 33 will use LLVM 11 and Clang 11.0.
  • GNU Binutils 2.35 has been approved for the latest core utilities
  • Automatic processing of Python software’s RPM dependencies will be updated to handle demand generation for Python extras when needed
  • GHC 8.8 and Haskell Storage LTS 13 have been approved
  • Deprecate python-pytoml
  • Zanata removal