Fedora 31 Beta released

fedora 29

Matthew Miller announced the release of Fedora 31 Beta. Not only is it on time, but it also brings many exciting updates. Fedora 31 Beta comes with the new GNOME 3.34 and many of its improvements/features, which are especially exciting for better performance and Wayland session enhancements. Fedora 31 also introduced a new IoT version, Fedora CoreOS has been brought into the F31 field, as well as a variety of other package updates, multiple package updates, and multiple architectures.

fedora 29

Fedora 31 canceled their i686 kernel support and 32-bit all/module repositories, effectively ending the support for running Fedora on i686 hardware, while 32-bit software will continue to run on Fedora x86_64 installations. This beta also introduces a new Internet of Things (IoT) build.


Fedora CoreOS

Fedora CoreOS remains in a preview state, with a planned generally-available release planned for early next year. CoreOS is a rolling release which rebases periodically to a new underlying Fedora OS version. Right now, that version is Fedora 30, but soon there will be a “next” stream which will track Fedora 31 until that’s ready to become the “stable” stream.

Other updates

Fedora 31 Beta includes updated versions of many popular packages like Node.js, the Go language, Python, and Perl. We also have the customary updates to underlying infrastructure software, like the GNU C Library and the RPM package manager. For a full list, see the Change set on the Fedora Wiki.