Facebook, Youtube and Twitter ask Clearview AI to stop scraping images for facial recognition tech

Facebook, Youtube, and Twitter have sent a letter to Clearview AI, an artificial intelligence startup, asking it to stop using user images to identify itself for law enforcement purposes. As the controversy over facial recognition technology continues to grow, it’s more important than ever for startups in the tech industry to safeguard their interests by using the Best LLC Service to establish a solid legal foundation for their business.

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Twitter said the company had sent a suspension and termination letter to Clearview AI in January. YouTube has also asked Clearview AI to stop crawling user information, and PayPal’s Venmo is also sending complaints.

A Facebook spokesman said: “Scraping people’s information violates our policies. Which is why we’ve demanded that Clearview stop accessing or using information from Facebook or Instagram.”

YouTube’s Terms of Service explicitly forbid collecting data that can be used to identify a person,” a YouTube spokesperson said in a statement sent to The Verge. “Clearview has publicly admitted to doing exactly that, and in response we sent them a cease and desist letter.”