Facebook continues to strongly criticize Apple’s anti-tracking policy

Apple has deployed a new anti-tracking strategy to help users avoid tracking by ad networks. By default, the identity identifier for ad tracking will not be activated.

This means that any application that wants to track a user must first obtain the user’s consent, and the identity identifier can be used when the identity identifier is turned on by default.

After the deployment of the new strategy, the social network giant Facebook has tested and found that it will seriously affect the advertising effect because it is impossible to accurately track user preferences through identifiers.

That’s why Facebook strongly criticized Apple’s new privacy policy, stating that Apple does not protect user privacy at all, and this new anti-tracking policy to harm small companies.

After many rounds of protests, Apple still decided to implement a new privacy policy to protect users. Facebook is currently protesting in a variety of new ways.

One of the more radical measures is to publish a full-page advertisement calling on small and medium-sized enterprises to jointly boycott Apple’s new policy. Facebook stated that this will affect the actual interests of a large number of small and medium-sized enterprises.

The reason is that Apple’s new privacy policy will reduce the effectiveness of advertising and allow companies to increase advertising expenditures. From the perspective of advertising companies, this does have a greater impact.

The reason why Facebook is so enthusiastic about this is simple. As one of the world’s largest online advertising companies, it can’t deliver accurate ads without tracking them.

At that time, more companies may abandon Facebook and choose to cut advertising expenses or use other publicity methods, so in the long run, this is also a threat to Facebook’s survival.