Exynos 2400 performance has been significantly improved

As reported by Android Headlines, during the 2023 Samsung System LSI Tech Day, Samsung unveiled the prowess of Exynos 2400, showcasing its ray tracing and select AI functionalities. According to official proclamations from Samsung, this SoC has made monumental strides in performance compared to its predecessor, the Exynos 2200. The CPU showcases a staggering 70% enhancement in overall prowess, while its AI capability has skyrocketed by a factor of 14.7.

In a bid to satiate the ever-increasing demands of AI performance, Samsung has meticulously recalibrated the NPU architecture of the Exynos 2400. This alteration optimizes the NPU chip’s support for non-linear operations, achieving the elusive objective of “removing memory bottlenecks”. Benchmarked against the MobileBERT performance metrics, its AI capabilities are thrice that of its antecedent. Furthermore, Samsung, during the interactive session, heralded the forthcoming release of AI tools bespoke for smartphones.

While Samsung remained reticent about divulging intricate details regarding the Exynos 2400’s architecture, Android Headlines confirmed its composition: a Cortex-X4 (clocked at 3.1GHz), paired with two Cortex-A720s (at 2.9GHz), three Cortex-A720s (at 2.6GHz), and four Cortex-A520s (at 1.8GHz). Additionally, rumblings from the grapevine have indicated that the Exynos 2400 is fabricated using Samsung’s 4nm LPP+ process, conferring upon it superior energy efficiency metrics compared to other SoCs crafted using the 4nm LPP (Low Power Plus) fabrication process.

Turning the spotlight onto the GPU, the Exynos 2400 is armed with the Xclipse 940 GPU, rooted in AMD’s avant-garde RDNA940 architecture. Previous leaks had already intimated that its prowess surpasses that of the second-generation Snapdragon 8 mobile platform. Benchmarked against the Sacred Path Vulkan 1.3, the Xclipse 940 clinched a score of 1656 at 1080P, outperforming the Snapdragon 8 mobile platform’s Adreno 740, which averaged 1561.

It is anticipated that the Exynos 2400 will be the heartbeat of the forthcoming Galaxy S24 series of smartphones. However, Samsung has remained coy about whether they harbor intentions of commercializing the Exynos 2400 to other smartphone consortiums.