Exploring the Future: Windows 24H2’s Major Overhaul and Enhancements

According to a report by Windows Central, Microsoft is preparing for a significant update to Windows 11, codenamed “Hudson Valley,” anticipated for release later this year as either the Windows 11 24H2 or the 2024 update. Compared to last year’s Windows 11 23H2, this upgrade is expected to bring enhancements in performance and security, along with new feature updates. Microsoft is currently conducting internal tests of some features of this new version.

A key focus of Windows 11 24H2 is the next-generation AI experience, a concept that Microsoft has been promoting since last year. It’s rumored that Microsoft plans to launch a new, advanced version of Copilot, leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning to enhance the Windows user experience, thereby increasing productivity in applications, search, and other areas. Sources suggest that Microsoft aims to release Windows 11 24H2 in September of this year, centering its marketing on AI. Some speculate that this update might be dubbed “Windows 12,” aligning with its emphasis on the next-generation AI PC experience.

Windows 11 24H2 may adopt an operating system swap method for installing updates, which entails a complete replacement with a new version, a stark contrast to Windows 11 23H2, which merely installed relevant service modules on the existing operating system. The distribution of Windows 11 24H2 is scheduled for the second half of the year, though some AI PCs might receive the new version as early as June. However, Microsoft plans to officially release the new version to existing Windows 11 users no earlier than September, indicating that the update will be fully ready by then.