September 25, 2020

ExFAT file system driver for Linux is coming

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After Microsoft opened up exFAT technology and actively added it to the Linux kernel, Linux Kernel 5.4 brought initial support for the exFAT file system . Now, based on earlier code improvements, the new exFAT file system driver will ship with Linux Kernel 5.7.

The exFAT driver used by Linux Kernel 5.4 is based on a version developed by Samsung a few years ago, and various other improvements made during this period. But for many years, Samsung has also used and improved the exFAT Linux driver internally and sold it as part of the device. Since Microsoft opened the exFAT technical specification last year, Samsung has been working to improve the upstream of the file system driver and has been using the upstream kernel codebase with its Android devices.

“Will format in exFat and use it with WP” by ratkutti is licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0 

Over the past few months, Samsung has made significant changes to the driver code, and the exFAT driver, which is pursuing steady development, has also continued to clean up the code since it was launched.

Samsung’s latest exFAT driver is preparing to enter the next-generation repository of VFS. It is said that this driver is in a better state than the old version, and is actively maintained by Samsung engineers, and will continue to move forward. It will go directly to the file system part of the kernel.