Mon. Apr 6th, 2020

Essential Phone manufacturing company officially shuts down

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The Android operating system was originally developed by Google engineer Andy Rubin, which made Google dominate the mobile Internet market.

However, Andy Rubin was opposed by Google employees because of the sexual harassment of female employees. In order to calm the anger of employees, Google decided to fire Rubin.

After being fired by Google, Rubin also received high compensation, and founded his own smartphone manufacturing company under the name of the father of Android, Rubin, and received venture capital.

AI phone

However, this smartphone maker has not achieved outstanding results, and its Essential series of smartphones, despite its good reputation, have had a flat response in the market.

After several years of thinking, Andy Rubin decided to close the company although the company has already tried to create many different products.

These products hope to be different from most products on the market and do not pursue large screens, full screens, multiple cameras, various hardware configurations, and other features.

Rubin hopes to be able to build a smartphone different from other products with his own characteristics, but these ideas of Rubin have not attracted widespread attention in the market.

At least the sales of these smartphones launched by Rubin are not even able to maintain the company’s normal operation, and the new products under construction, although unique, do not meet the mainstream.

Eventually, Andy Rubin decided to close the company while the new product was not yet available, including the cancellation of subsequent models, custom operating systems and smart home products.

Via: theverge