Epic Games Store Announces the Epic First Run program

In a strategic bid to vie with Steam for market dominance, the Epic Games Store has unveiled an avant-garde initiative christened “Epic First Run”, aspiring to cultivate an array of exclusive game titles on its platform.

Under the stipulations of the “Epic First Run” accord, game developers, upon concurring to a six-month exclusivity tenure with the Epic Games Store, are entitled to the full bounty of their game’s revenues. Once this six-month interlude concludes, revenue-sharing reverts to the conventional model of the Epic Games Store, with developers retaining a lucrative 88%, leaving the residual 12% for Epic.

Titles electing to premiere on the Epic Games Store post October 16th of this year, and that remain untethered from affiliations with other third-party PC emporiums, are elegible to partake in the “Epic First Run” program. These terms solely impede launches on third-party PC storefronts, thus developers and publishers retain the autonomy to vend their wares on their indigenous outlets and launchers. They also maintain the prerogative to peddle Epic Games Store editions in alternative marketplaces.

Furthermore, the Epic Games Store pledges that games embraced by the “Epic First Run” initiative will bask in the limelight during pertinent store events, bestowing upon them the distinction of an exclusive emblem. These titles will also be accorded pride of place on the homepage and in select featured locales, capitalizing on sustained visibility to augment their profitability. While this novel strategy may scarcely entice behemoths like Ubisoft or Square Enix, it certainly dangles a tantalizing carrot for indie developers.

The Epic Games Store boasts a vast and exponentially burgeoning global user base, currently playing host to over 230 million gamers and a staggering 68 million monthly active enthusiasts.