EK Launches EK-Nucleus AIO CR360 Direct Die D-RGB – 1700

EK has announced the launch of the EK-Nucleus AIO CR360 Direct Die D-RGB – 1700. This latest all-in-one direct die liquid cooling solution, while sharing many similarities with the 360mm Lux model, sets itself apart with its unique application: it’s specifically engineered for direct die cooling.

EK’s 360mm all-in-one liquid cooler is uniquely designed for direct cooling of processors using the LGA 1700 socket. This innovative solution brings the advantages of direct die cooling to a broader range of PC enthusiasts, establishing a new benchmark in professional cooling performance. The EK-Nucleus features a custom cold plate and mounting mechanism. EK has also collaborated with renowned overclocker Der8auer, offering a disassembly kit and tools to facilitate DIY removal of the Integrated Heat Spreader (IHS).

The benefit of direct die cooling lies in eliminating the thermal conduction process from the CPU chip to the IHS, thereby lowering overall temperatures and reducing thermal disparities between CPU cores. This all-in-one liquid cooler’s cold plate is nickel-plated, setting it apart from most similar products in the market, which are typically pure copper. Nickel plating safely ensures compatibility with liquid metal.

The water block’s circular design embodies EK’s design aesthetics, with the logo capable of a 90° rotation to ensure proper orientation. It comes with two specially designed top covers; the default one features a brushed aluminum skull pattern with an LED halo, exuding a futuristic yet sophisticated vibe. The replaceable brushed aluminum cover also includes an LED halo but opts for a more minimalist appearance.

The EK-Loop Fan FPT 120 D-RGB is a 120mm high-static pressure fan, primarily designed and manufactured for high-performance liquid cooling systems. It utilizes a full-frame design to prevent air from escaping the frame, thereby achieving superior static pressure. This fan can be daisy-chained using EK-OmniLink technology, reducing the number of cables and connectors, simplifying cable management, and enhancing the aesthetic appeal of the inside of the case.