EK launched a new magnetic levitation fan: EK-Quantum Impulse 120 D-RGB

Renowned Slovenian PC liquid cooling manufacturer EKWB has unveiled its latest magnetic levitation fan, the EK-Quantum Impulse 120 D-RGB. EK claims that the new fan offers its most extensive array of RGB lighting effects to date, with each side of the frame featuring a luminous area containing 12 LEDs, and an additional luminous area located within the rotor.

The EK-Quantum Impulse 120 D-RGB measures 120mm x 120mm x 29mm overall (or 26mm thick without rubber padding), with fan speeds ranging from 400 RPM to 1800 RPM ±10%. It boasts a maximum airflow of 57.5 CFM, a maximum static pressure of 1.94 mmH2O, and a noise level of 24.3 dB(A).

Employing VAPO bearings, the fan virtually eliminates wobbling, enhancing the magnetic levitation effect, reducing noise, and increasing stability. In contrast to traditional ball-bearing fans, the chosen VAPO bearings are dust-proof and will not dry out. Moreover, the EK-Quantum Impulse 120 D-RGB’s square frame has been optimized to minimize side air leakage, providing optimal performance in both pull and push configurations.

The EK-Quantum Impulse 120 D-RGB also incorporates daisy chain connections to reduce clutter from excessive wiring. EK-OmniLink simplifies cable management by integrating all PWM and D-RGB signals and power into a single cable and connector, negating the need for any special controllers. The terminus directly connects to standard connectors, including 4-pin PWM and 3-pin 5V D-RGB. The EK-Quantum Impulse 120 D-RGB in black is now available for purchase through the EK online store and partner distributors at a price of €26.99.