Due to the incompatibility of non-ASCII characters in the registry, some users have a blue screen when upgrading Windows 11

According to the latest announcement issued by Microsoft, due to compatibility issues, some users of Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese will not receive Windows 11 until it is fixed.

Investigation shows that Windows 11 system cannot correctly recognize non-ASCII characters in registry keys or entries. This problem may cause users to experience a blue screen of death.

If the user is using an application to add such characters to the registry, compatibility problems will occur. Such characters include Chinese characters and Tamil characters.

Windows 11 install updates

If you have already upgraded to Windows 11 and often encounter a blue screen of death errors, it means that some of your software has compatibility issues. It is recommended that users roll back to the old version and wait for the repair.

If you have not upgraded, you will not receive a push from Microsoft. As a temporary countermeasure, Microsoft will temporarily postpone the Windows 11 push to Chinese and other users to avoid affecting the normal use of users.

However, if the media creation tool or image file is used to perform the upgrade, Microsoft cannot detect whether the system has compatibility issues and cannot issue a reminder.

Therefore, Microsoft reminds you not to use media creation tools or image files to force the upgrade. In addition, if there are frequent blue screens of death after the upgrade, please roll back to the old version immediately.

Via: mspoweruser