DuckDuckGo was found to quietly allow Microsoft tracker

DuckDuckGo is loved by some users for its security and privacy, and the search engine does not track users to collect data. Under normal circumstances, your use of Google or Bing will be tracked and data collected, and Google and Bing will deliver targeted advertisements based on your interests. Although DuckDuckGo also has search advertisements, it only pushes advertisements based on user search keywords, so it will not collect and track users’ interests and hobbies to place advertisements. Recently, DuckDuckGo rushed forward to launch a browser that advertises security and privacy. By default, the browser automatically blocks trackers of various ad networks to protect privacy.

DuckDuckGo blocks pirate websites

Recently, the researchers tested and found that DuckDuckGo Browser does support automatic blocking of trackers, including Google and Facebook trackers that are blocked by default. But the researchers found that the browser defaulted to allowing trackers from Microsoft, including Bing search trackers and trackers from the workplace social networking site LinkedIn. This means that users will be tracked after accessing Bing or LinkedIn through this browser, which is not as private as DuckDuckGo advertises. After being tracked, Microsoft can generate a unique identifier for the user through the collected privacy data and can push targeted advertisements when the user visits again in the future.

While DuckDuckGo has a solid privacy policy when it comes to Microsoft’s ads, it hasn’t explained how Microsoft uses data from third-party trackers. And that’s quite alarming. Maybe this situation is overblown, or maybe Microsoft can build targeted ad profiles based on your web activity in DuckDuckGo — we don’t know because DuckDuckGo signed a confidentiality agreement. Gabriel Weinberg says that DuckDuckGo is “working tirelessly behind the scenes” to improve its deal with Microsoft. Additionally, he expects DuckDuckGo to “include more third-party Microsoft protection” in a future update.

What saddens loyal fans is that DuckDuckGo did not announce the news. If DuckDuckGo is going to release the Microsoft tracker, it should at least tell users in advance.

Via: reviewgeek