DuckDuckGo is a default search choice for Android devices in the EU

DuckDuckGo will be the default search engine option for Android devices in the EU. EU regulators are forcing Google to show Android users the option to choose their own default search engine. Google previously set itself as the default search engine in the Android operating system. This action was fined by the European Union, and it issued a record $5 billion in fines to the search giant.

DuckDuckGo Do Not Track

Google must now remind users to choose the default search engine when setting up a new Android device in the EU. Among the search engine options available, the private search engine DuckDuckGo is at the forefront. Others include, Yandex, Qwant, GMX, PrivacyWall, Givero, and Seznam. Microsoft ‘s Bing is only available for UK users.

Via: searchenginejournal