Dropbox stops supporting all Linux file systems except unencrypted Ext4

Dropbox, a cloud storage company that provides cross-platform support, is the only major file synchronization service platform that provides Linux support. However, Linux users of Dropbox have recently been notified that their clients will stop syncing from November. Dropbox’s sudden announcement made many Linux users shocked. This move reminds us of Google’s use of the Linux kernel for Android and Chrome OS, but it’s a shame that it never brought its cloud storage platform to the traditional Desktop Linux.

The extracted part of the statement is as follows:

The desktop app runs on Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems. To run the Dropbox app on your computer you will need:

  • Windows:7, 8, 8.1, or 10
    • You will also need an NTFS formatted hard drive
  • Mac:OS X Mavericks (10.9) up to macOS High Sierra (10.13)
  • Linux: Ubuntu 10.04 or higher, Fedora 19 or higher
    • You will also need an Ext4 formatted hard drive