Digital Disruption: Over a Million Affected in Fulton County Cyberattack

Fulton County, Georgia’s most populous district, with a population exceeding one million inhabitants, encountered a significant disruption in its information systems due to a cyberattack over the weekend.

The county’s Board of Commissioners announced that the assault affected the telephone systems of institutions and online operations, including the issuance of weapons and marriage licenses. The Council added that the incident is being actively investigated by law enforcement agencies.

It is noted that the investigation is in its preliminary stages, hence the Fulton County authorities can currently provide limited information. The cyberattack impacted a range of key technological platforms – the telephone system, judicial system, and tax system. The authorities have yet to announce a specific timeline for the restoration of services.

The FBI has informed local media that it is participating in the investigation of the attack. A notice has been posted on the county’s website urging residents to contact Fulton’s customer support service via email due to the telephone system outage.

Most of Fulton County’s offices are open, but the tax commissioner was not operational on Monday. Many other institutions are operating in a limited capacity while the IT department addresses the malfunctions. Public computers in the county’s libraries were not functioning on Monday but resumed operation on Tuesday. Local television stations report that residents have encountered widespread issues, such as when disputing property taxes or visiting vehicle inspections.

To date, no group has claimed responsibility for the attack.