DG2-128EU GPU is a native 96bit video memory width

Although Intel’s ARC series will not be released until the first quarter of next year, the current news is increasing. Moreover, Intel also released a lot of information about Xe-HPG at the Architecture Day event. Two GPUs, DG2-512EU and DG2-128EU, were also posted on the official website, and now Twitter user @Locuza_ has annotated the official DG2-128EU GPU core map, which has only 96bit video memory width.

The memory controller of the DG2-128EU GPU is composed of a 64bit and a 32bit and supports GDDR6. This is confirmed by the previously exposed DG2-128 graphics card PCB with only 3 video memory soldering positions. The desktop version of the DG2-128 graphics card should be equipped with 96bit/6GB GDDR6 video memory. If there is nothing surprising, the memory frequency should be 16Gbps, and the power consumption will not exceed 75W, and the mobile version of DG2-128 will be a 64bit memory width, with 4GB or 8GB of video memory.

From this marked DG2-128 GPU core diagram, we can see that this GPU has 8 sets of Xe Core, and each set of Xe Core contains 16 vector engines and 16 matrix engines. The optical tracking unit is one for each set of Xe Core. Like the current Xe-LP, DG2 also has two sets of video encoding/decoding engines. PCI-E is only 4.0 x8, but the bandwidth is definitely enough for this mainstream GPU.