Devuan 3.1 Beowulf releases: GNU/Linux Free System

Devuan is a Debian branch that uses the SysV init software instead of the Debian systemd package. The software that relies on the initialization system systemd has been replaced by other software that has provided equivalent functionality. This can be traced back to 2014 because the choice of initialization system systemd caused controversy, a group of dissatisfied developers to create a Debian branch that does not use systemd Devuan. The most controversial place of systemd is that it goes against Unix philosophy and is too complicated. Devuan provides a variety of initialization systems for users to choose, including SysV init, sinit, openrc, runit, s6, and shepherd.

Changelog Devuan 3.1 Beowulf 

Init choices
– The installer now has three choices for the init system:
sysvinit, openrc or runit

Changes in su
– The behavior of su has changed. Use ‘su -‘ to get root’s path or use
the full path to commands if you use only ‘su’.

– There are several ways to get the old behavior. The easiest is to
edit /etc/default/su to add the line:


See the following for more information:

– If you install a desktop environment from the installer iso, you will
automatically get the debian-pulseaudio-config-override package,
which will ensure that pulseaudio is running. If you’re running a
window manager, you may need to install the override package to get
sound. Alternatively, you may use the old method, described below.

– If you have no sound, make sure the following line in
/etc/pulse/client.conf.d/00-disable-autospawn.conf is commented as
shown here:


Changing the ID of the operating system.

– This point-release (3.1.0) fixes a bug in the last release that
showed “Debian” in the boot menu instead of “Devuan”.

If you need the system to identify itself as Debian, you can edit
/etc/os-release to show ID=debian. This may be needed for third-party
software that expects to see debian.