Developer successfully runs Windows 10X through emulator on Apple MacBook

Microsoft has launched a Windows 10X Emulator for developers, with which developers can debug applications on existing devices.

Windows 10X version is a new system developed by Microsoft for foldable devices and multi-screen devices, but in fact, this version also supports devices in common forms.

For example, traditional laptops can also install the Windows 10X system and use it normally. A laptop with a single screen will not affect the adaptation of Windows 10X.

Many developers started trying to run on their own devices after the emulator was launched, which naturally includes those using Apple MacBooks.

Developers have successfully run the Windows 10X emulator on their MacBook, and the system can identify the manufacturer like Apple.

Even the touchpad driver is completely normal, of course, this does not mean that Microsoft has completed the development because some developers have found many problems.

A developer tried to install the Windows 10X emulator on his Lenovo T480S and found that the UI was malfunctioning. The start menu was not centered but was right-aligned.

It looks like Windows 10X recognizes the T480S as a dual-screen device, and then displays the contents of the window on the left and the desktop on the right.

Of course, it still needs to be emphasized that this is the result of running with the aid of an emulator, not directly deploying Windows 10X on the MacBook.

This means that the MacBook needs to install Windows 10 Build 19500 and above, and then deploy the simulator to run in full screen to achieve the effect.

Via: imbushuo & NTAuthority