Developer successfully installed Windows 10X on the Surface Go

The official version of Windows 10X developed by Microsoft for foldable devices is expected to be released by the end of the year. Currently, Microsoft only launches emulators and does not support installation on physical machines.

However, some crazy developers have copied the image provided by the simulator, and then made it into a USB flash drive to install on a physical machine through a series of operations.

The developer successfully installed Windows 10X on the Surface Go, and the physical machine installation is indeed much smoother than the simulator.

This developer has provided a detailed tutorial for installing Windows 10X on a physical machine, which mainly includes using the command line to extract the image in the simulator.

In the preparation stage, you need to put some drivers into the image in advance and then make a boot disk. After the boot disk is created, it should be installed smoothly.

However, even if it is successfully installed or even started up, due to driver compatibility issues, drivers such as WiFi and touch screen may not work properly.

This developer successfully deployed Windows 10X on Microsoft Surface Go. From the released video, the fluency is indeed better than the emulator.

Via: Twitter