Developer made a Linux tool for Logitech 27MHz wireless keyboard encryption setup

A Developer, Hans de Goede wrote a Linux utility that can configure the encrypted link status for those aging Logitech keyboards; at the same time, it also allows the previously configured Logitech keyboards that use encrypted links to be reconfigured correctly. If you want to buy the keyboard, please click here.

“Keyboard” by webhamster is licensed under CC BY 2.0

As Hans said, Logitech once produced wireless keyboards that used 27 MHz as the communication frequency band; although these products have been discontinued for some time, they are still often seen in the market today. However, these old Logitech keyboards that rely on the 27MHz frequency band have a disadvantage when used on Linux, that is, they do not support encrypted transmission mode. These keyboards can only operate in Linux when running in the default non-encrypted operation mode.

The Linux utility made by Hans gave these old Logitech keyboards new vitality and improved security. The full name of this tool is Logitech 27MHz Keyboard Encryption Setup, and it provides a command-line interface for configuring this type of Logitech device.